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UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Missile Tests

UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Missile Tests

North Korea fired three missiles Monday that traveled 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) and landed near Japan. A closed-door emergency meeting was called by the United States, Japan and South Korea in response. Today, the U.N. Security Council strongly condemned North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launches and threatened “further significant measures” if it refuses to stop its nuclear and missile tests.

The press statement urged all U.N. member states “to redouble their efforts” to implement sanctions against Pyongyang. North Korea already has a variety of land-based missiles that can hit South Korea and Japan, including U.S. military bases in those countries. Last month, it successfully tested a submarine-launched missile.

North Korea launched the missiles while China was hosting the Group of 20 economic summit. North Korea has carried out 22 missile launches so far this year, and the latest hit within 300 kilometers of Japan’s coast. Japan’s U.N. Ambassador Koro Bessho said the missiles were launched without any prior notification and could have hit planes or ships.

For those who remember the missile attack on Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea, on November 23, 2010: following a South Korean artillery exercise in waters in the south, North Korean forces fired around 170 artillery shells and rockets at Yeonpyeong Island, hitting both military and civilian targets, The attack started widespread fires on the island.  70 percent of the island’s forests and fields were burned and 21 houses and warehouses and eight public buildings were destroyed in the bombardment.

Source: UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Missile Tests

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